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BIO Szymon P. Pepliński


Szymon P. Pepliński


Profil zawodowy

CTO / Head of Creative Technology at DDB&tribal
Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer at HotelOga
He is a creative technologist with around 18 years of experience in global markets and I've worked clients from Fortune 500 like Intel, McDonald's or Microsoft. He help companies become trusted parts of people's lives by creating products, services, and brands that people love. He focuses on the idea that the principles of user experience should drive not just design, but business and marketing as well. He is known for finding new ways to harmonize the things clients need with what users really want in order to create experiences that change industries. He work with companies who are as committed to shaping culture and designing the future as we are. He specialize in helping clients overcome barriers to innovation and get to market quickly with the right product, campaign or initiative for their business.